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Service Prices starting from £103

European legislation now says that you can have your car serviced at an independent garage and your warranty is not invalidated. The garage must keep to the manufacturer's schedule and use parts of an equivalent quality.

At Elite we specialise in servicing vehicles exactly as they should be, so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to any warranty claims. During the service, if we find that further rectification is needed, we will contact you first.

We never carry out unnecessary work and we will keep all the old parts for your inspection.

The life of your car and its safety will depend on the extent to which it is cared for.

Routine maintenance to the manufacturer specification is essential to prolong the life of your engine. You may be unaware that due to government legislation* you no longer have to have your vehicle serviced by the main dealer in order to retain its warranty. At Elite we only use Original Equipment 'Matching Quality' parts which means you get peace of mind as well as a huge saving compared with main dealer prices.

Batteries from Elite Garages

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We have up to date diagnostic equipment and software to manage 98% of vehicles on our roads today. We can diagnose faults on all electronic systems including Engine management, Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control systems, Air Bag Systems, Electrical on board systems and Air conditioning. There is very little we can't do and of course it's at a fraction of the cost of the dealer with an efficient and friendly service

*the EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (October 2003) allows motorists more flexibility in selecting where they can get their car serviced.

Standard Service
Prices starting from £103
Premium Service
Prices starting from £180
Check handbrake for operation and travel
Check operation of exterior lights and interior lights
Check horn
Check seatbelts
*Check ABS warning lights for correct operation
Check heater plug indicator (Diesel)
Check for correct clutch operation
Top up battery if applicable and check security
Check and top up brake and clutch fluid
Check windscreen wipers
Check windscreen washer operations and top up
Check/top-up power steering reservoir where applicable
Check coolant/antifreeze strength and top up
Check condition, tension and adjust as required auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing/cam belt)
Replace oil filter
Drain engine oil and refill (special or synthetic oils subject to additional charge)
*Check and top up gearbox oil where applicable
*Check and top up axle oil where applicable
Check and top up automatic transmission fluids where applicable
Check for general oil leaks
Check wheel bearings for play or noise
*Check steering/suspension components for wear and corrosion
Check steering rack gaitors if applicable
Check shock absorbers for operation (Springs condition)
Remove wheels and check discs/drums for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring (inspect wheel
cylinders for leaks and operation)
Check callipers for leaks and operation
Inspect wheel cylinders for leaks and operation
Visually check brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for leaks, chafing and corrosion
Check propshaft/drive shaft and joints for play and leaks
Inspect exhaust system for leaks security and noise
Check tyre condition, tread depth, record readings Including spare)
Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
Check wheels for correct balance (including spare)
Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer?fs settings
*Reset vehicle service light where applicable (certain vehicles main dealer only)
Carry out battery test
Check condition of fuel lines
Visual inspection of HT lead*
Visual inspection of distributor cap - if applicable
Visual inspection of rotor arm if applicable
Replace spark plugs if applicable (platinum, long life or multi electrode plugs subject to extra charge)
*Replace air filter element
Check diesel fuel filter
Check smoke emissions visually (Diesel)
Lubricate throttle linkage if applicable
Check radiator for leaks/Check condition of radiator cap/Check coolant hoses for leaks and
condition/Check expansion bottle and cap for leaks
Check expansion bottle and cap for leaks
*Check electric cooling fan for operation where applicable
Test and report brake fluid boiling point (if applicable)
Lubricate bonnet catch
Lubricate accessible hinges if required
Grease steering/suspension and propshaft if applicable
Check fuel cap condition
Check steering misalignment (Align check)
Check windscreen condition
Check mirror condition, Exterior/Interior
Check number plates
Check for cabin/pollen fliter replacement (report if due)
*Check petrol fuel filter
Test starter motor for cranking operation and security
Test alternator for charging operation and security
Check cambelt replacement intervals (report if due)
*Note - Additional service operations may be required for your vehicle make/model and will be charged at extra cost    
*Note - Stamp service book as per Elite Service manual    

  • Yokohama
  • Cooper Tires
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • BFGoodrich
  • Dunlop
  • Firestone
  • Michelin
  • Apollo
  • Avon Tyres
  • Evergreen
  • Goodridge
  • Hancock
  • Toyo Tyres
  • Uniroyal
  • Vredestein