Don’t be an unhappy camper CHECK YOUR CARAVAN TYRES

Caravan Tyres

The weather is warming up and those of you with a caravan will be planning a few nice sunny trips away.

Many people will just jump in the car and off you go……… Stop there.  You MUST check your caravan tyres before every trip.  Tyre pressure, tread and inspecting the general condition of your tyres are all vitally important.

Caravans are often parked on the driveway most of the year without moving so the condition of your tyres can really deteriorate.  As soon as you get on that motorway you are at risk of a blowout and potentially a nasty accident so don’t take the chance and BE SAFE.

It will only take a few minutes to give your tyres a check a lot quicker than waiting at the side of the road for a recovery van.

As always your local Elite Garages are always happy to check your tyres for you. to find your nerest branch.

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